E-Mail 9/9/13

Hola from…. *drum roll*…. Barcelona Barrio 1! What the what? Yep. Barcelona, ladies and gents. I knew it from the second we went out on Tuesday and Wednesday (yes we did go real life tracting with real life missionaries in real life after finishing our fake life) that I was at home. Let me explain better.

Tuesday we arose, we a-rode, we arrived. We got little tickets that said who our companion was and who our temporary companion was. My companion was none other than Hermana Marti Gillete. Fate, my dear friends. Fate. Our temporary companion was Hermana Franchino. We hiked to the hotel, which was death by the fiery heat of Barcelona, and then group 1 (my group) was SWEPT away into a van to become official residents of Spain. This is a big, long, annoying process. Let´s just not discuss it. After that we went to the ward building nearby (oh it´s so precious in it´s tiny-ness and not really church appearing esque-ness) for lunch and interviews and packet reading. It was a little hectic.  Poor President Pace and Hermana Pace have never had to deal with so many people! The typical transfer? 7 people in a good week. Our transfer? 43. So… yeah we are a little bit to handle I think. There were 22 hermanas and the typical one for that is 2. The Lord is hastening His work! Later we went FOR REAL tracting with Hermana Franchino. We met a family that was in her area book and was an investigador antigua (old investigator). Then we basically had to sprint back to the hotel. I tell you what, I am not cut out for the “missionary pace”. Woof. Wednesday we had to wake up EXTRA early because we had more residency stuff to deal with so we hung out at the Stake Center (which is MASSIVE) and then went back and forth to the police station or whatever official office-y place that was. Then we went tracting again. Then we had lunch. Then we watched something back at the tiny ward building and I was sleepy so that was wasted on me. Then we went tracting again. THIS time H. Franchino just decided to do door to door knocking, basically. It was awfully tiring. BUT we found this woman named Jesusa (English prononuciation of that name is not nearly as nice sounding as the Spanish…trust me) and she let us in and we taught her how to pray and told her to read the Book of Mormon. Totally cool! Oh we also got a massive bag of free churros because H. Franchino and her companion H. Cozzolino are tight with the churro boy at one of the metro stops. It was super sweet of him. Thursday we woke up at a decent time of day, went to the tiny church, had orientations, lunch, orientations…just newbie missionary things. Then. It was time. Time to find out our fate!

It was really sweet because we had all the real missionaries there and they would come and sweep away their brand new, timid little missionary companion in a big flurry of clapping and joy or whatever. I have been watching everyone. I´m among the last of the Hermanas. She´s going to Mallorca, She´s going to Pamplona, She´s going to Valencia…on and on… “Hermana Durham” *gulp*. “You will be in Barcelona Barrio 1, with Hermana Cozzolino and Hermana Franchino!” WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was pretty exciting. I guess.

Hermana Rebecca Franchino is from California, she is the only member in her family, she was converted 5 years ago. She was one of the first of the 19 year olds to get her papers in. She got her call in November. Inspiring? Yes! Hermana Cozzolino is a native. This is her last transfer. She is really amazing. I love them both very much.

We have really cool investigators, awesome stories… but unfortunately I have to write about them later because apparently we don´t have any more time except that I was pretty sure we have another half hour but whatever. I have to go where my companions go. I love you all! Stay safe!

Hermana Durham

1 thought on “E-Mail 9/9/13

  1. Jordan your enthusiasm for the work you’re doing comes through in spades! You are awesome! Your companions and investigators are so lucky! No more exclamations, just my sincerest expression of love and lots of my prayers coming your way.

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