E-Mail 8/29/13

Last one from the MTC yo,

So every Wednesday night we all go into panic mode because we legitimately can´t remember what happened over the course of a week. I know. It´s really weird. But we try to write it out beforehand and this time I didn´t and so I can´t promise that it will go well.

Thursdays are always really awesome and beautiful and amazing. The temple is fantastic. This morning, for our last session, my district decided to go through in spanish. The devil is more terrifying in Spanish, that´s for sure. It was very cool to speak spanish too! It was a nice last session. Last week we went to a big mall and even the Elders were excited about that. This week we MIGHT go to Sol, we MIGHT stay around here, we really don´t know. It all depends on laundry and companions and other things like that.

So this week at the park I was paired with Hermana Porter who is fluent basically, practically. We spent a lot of time trying to find people and being turned down. But THEN we happened upon one cute guy who let us sit down next to him. We proceeded to have a conversation about the culture, geography, and food of Spain. All of Spain. He had a lot to say about it. We eventually slid into the religious territory and asked him if he believed in God and Christ. He excitedly pulled out his wallet that has a picture of Christ with a saying that said something along the lines of “the friend who never fails us” and he said he loved Christ. We talked about our beliefs and offered him the Book of Mormon. He asked if we were selling it, we said no it´s a gift. He told us he didn´t want it and he wouldn´t read it, but we think it´s just because he felt bad that we were giving it away. So we persisted. We said “Es un regalo para usted, porque su es nuestro amigo”… roughly… and he accepted it and said he had a gift for us. He pulled out 10 euros. YIKES! We both refused profusely. He said we could buy coffee with it, we said we don´t drink coffee, he said we could buy breakfast with it, we said we really don´t need it. Hermana Porter felt guilty and took it and then we parted ways after a few more minutes talking. I suggested we but the bill in a Restoration pamphlet and give it back, so we basically went sprinting back to catch up to him and said we had one more gift for him. It was pretty sneaky of me. It was a pretty great day en el parque.

By now, my district has realized we´re the remedial class. We play games to help us learn, kinda like the first and second graders. But BOY are they funny games. Tuesday night we played a game using Subjunctive Noun by saying “Yo quero Hermana/Elder…” and then you fill in the blank. There was dancing like Shakira, acting like a dinosaur, singing Happy Birthday, acting like Hermanas, acting like your companion…. it was pretty funny. We were laughing so hard that people came to watch us play this game and look stupid. Mostly the Elders looked stupid. We picked on them. We also have played “Do you love your neighbor” and “Pictionary” and “Taboo”. It´s been a real learning riot. Do I remember any of it? No. Does Spanish go in one ear and out the other? Si. Es verdad. Do I add Spanish into my letters to make it seem like I´m learning? Claro! Our brains are legitimately fried from all this crazy stuff. I can´t figure out conjugation to save my life. Lots of prayers get said before lessons.

This week we had our last lessons with Carlos and Iratxe. Iratxe committed to baptism which was especially difficult because she has a phobia of water. We promised she would be blessed and God will strengthen her. What a champ she is! Carlos progressed so quickly, so well that we asked him to move his baptism date from September 20th to this Saturday and he agreed. But you know… we had to say goodbye to them and that was weirdly emotional. I can´t imagine what it will be like in real life. This whole mission thing has turned me into a real sap. It´s getting out of hand. I cry all the time… comparatively.

I also got a blessing this week from Elder Gentry and Elder Rasmussen. One of comfort. It was very sweet of them to agree and they were really nice. It´s been a rough week. The whole final countdown thing gets to you and makes you question EVERYTHING. What am I doing? Am I able? How can I handle this? How can I teach these people when I don´t know anything? It´s hard. But the priesthood is there and it´s powerful.

My companion and I this week decided to heart attack the rooms of the Hermanas. We´ve done one big heart with a quote and then little hearts for all the girls in the room. We even got a Spanish quote and an English quote translated in Spanish so that the natives could be included. It was challenging to be sneaky because there is ALWAYS someone around. But we did ALL the doors (including ours of course) and then they started interrogating. My companion cracked like a squishy little egg. Ugh! So they found us out. But it was fun while it lasted.

Hermana Thunborg and I are the Music Directors…kinda… we are in charge of music for Sundays and now the Talent show. Cool? Maybe.

I also have been pegged as the resident “seamstress”. I really don´t know why because I know literally nothing about sewing. I can stitch, I can sew buttons… I have already stitched 3 hems, sewn on a button, cleaned two ties, and I am supposed to help hand wash someone elses clothes. I feel like I am under qualified for this housewife stuff…but oh well. If it helps, I´m happy to help.

We leave soon. Cinco mas dias…. YIKES! I feel overwhelmed and very not ready. But that is okay. I will survive. I´m sorry for the lack luster email. I´ll plan better next time! However it is really quite challenging to find time.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” (yes that is Dumbledore, what of it?)

“Mi distrito es mi familia, El Señor es mi luz, y mi familia es mi inspiracion.”

I love you all. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay well. Next time I write, I will be out in the field!

Hermana Durham


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