E-Mail – 8/8/13

Letter to the family:

The schedule of my life is basically-

6:30 Wake Up, 7-8 breakfast and planning, 8-9 personal and companion study, 9-12 class, 12-1 lunch, 1-4 class, 4-5 physical activity, 5:45-6:30 dinner, 6:30-9:30 class, 10:30 bedtime

My district is Nefi and it includes: Elder Buttars/Elder Dean, Elder Stevenson/Rasmussen, Elder Gentry/Elder Weeks, Hermana Fuller/Hermana Dunn and of course Me/Hermana Thunborg. Hermana Thunborg is from Saratoga Springs. She´s 21 and pretty freaking awesome. We realized just last night we both love speaking in English accents so that was pretty fun. She is hilarious and is very serious about the work. I love to hear her sing and to listen to her testimony. The other Hermanas are basically part of our companionship as well. We are roommates and classmates so we are a quartet. Unless they are taking too long and it´s food time, we go everywhere together.

Our teachers are Hermana Garcia, Hermana Martinez, and Hermano Larrea who are also our fake investigators Lucia, Sara and Miguel. They are some of the best people on the earth. Hermana Martinez is like a mother. She has been so kind and understanding. After days of asking Hermano Larrea to sing a solo (somewhat jokingly), he sang for us last night which was a really sweet and special experience. He is not good at singing but he got a scarf and wrapped it around his neck to “warm up” his voice and then he was laughing so hard he couldn´t start for a little bit. It was precious! He is awesome!

The park this week was really cool. I couldn´t speak much but I understood a lot more. My companion for the park, Hermana Rawle, and I happened upon a gorgeous rose garden. We met a nice guy who gave us tips for learning the language. We spent about 20 minutes talking to a woman from Norway who had read the BoM before. I gave her the address to the Temple because she loves seeing churches of other religions. She gave us her email and wanted us to keep in touch. I feel like we had watered a seed that had been planted a long time ago.

Hermana Porter and Hermana Crandall are the Sister Leadership yakkity shmakkity and Friday night they came around and shared a spiritual thought. Hermana Crandall felt inspired to share “Lead Kindly Light” because it was a song her mother sang to her every night. So I shared your story, Mom. It was another musical message from Heavenly Father.

Exercise time is…okay. There is a park nearby that the Elders play soccer at and the Sisters do what they wish. Hermana Hassett is a dance major so yesterday she led us through some pretty hardcore workouts. We looked ridiculous but we got our sweat on.

Lucia (H. Garcia) agreed to go to church and pray about the Restoration. She is preogressing well. Hopefully she commits to baptism tomorrow.

Sara (H. Martinez) was taught for the last time yesterday. She agreed to go to church and to pray about our message.

Next week we get new “investigators”…they sound tougher this time around.

The French sisters left us on Tuesday. They drew us a picture and we got their emails so we can keep in touch. We said they are welcome to Utah anytime and we´ll show them around. Our room is so empty now with just 4, compared to the original 8.

We sang for a massive group of youth on Tuesday which was so cool! They got to watch us study in our classrooms like we were animals in a zoo afterward. It was a youth conference maybe? I don´t know. But we are getting good at singing! We do it every Sunday on the steps after all!

La comida es muy bueno!

We are touring the Real Madrid arena today…I hope it´s cool. I´m not a Futbol fan yet.

I got a letter from Ethan on Monday. Letters are such an exciting thing to get! I didn´t even realize it until I got one chillin on my desk. Hint hint. No pressure though!

This week was full of Spanish mess ups, as you can imagine. Here are the weekly “funnies”:

On the metro-

Elder Morgan: Somos novios! (We are a couple)

Elder Rasmussen: NO NO! Somos nuevos! (we are new)

Teaching Sara-

Sara: El Papa es en El Libro de Mormon?

Rasmussen: Si si!

Elder Stevenson: Dude… that´s the pope!

In Class-

Rasmussen: Jesucristo performed muchas miércoles.

Everyone: Jesus performed many Wednesdays?

(We refer to Wednesday as Miracle Wednesday now)

In class:

Me: Leér Juan 8:21, por favor

Me (after she reads it): Como se siente?

Maestra: Muy mal!

H. Thunborg: … por que?!

She was supposed to read John 8:12, not 21. Go read both. It was bad.

I love you all! I am doing very well. I feel like somedays I´m learning the language and some days I am… well struggling. It´s difficult! But I know it will work out. God is with me! Stay safe, write me! I love love love love you!

Two district themes:

Obedience will bring blessings, strict obedience will bring miracles.

My district is my family, the Lord is my light, and my family is my inspiration.


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