First E-mail (part two) – 8/1/13

Okay so I got a little extra time to write! The computers are super funky and they seem to hate me right now. I can´t access any of my drafts. So yes, we have heard a lot a lot a lot about the train wreck. Elder Ward is here at the CCM and he is doing great. He is the sweetest, nicest, most optimistic guy ever! He did a devotional for us and told us all about the experience and the angels that were there for him. What a cool story! The temple here is beautiful. Even though I forgot my recommend…seriously so dumb… they hooked me up. They start every P-Day with a session and it couldn´t be a better way to start the day! Everything there is so lovely! On Sunday in Sacrament Meeting we sang “Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love” (in Spanish of course) and I burst into tears. It felt like Heavenly Father´s way of saying “I know you are missing your family and this is hard for you but I am taking care of them and you are where you should be.” It was very sweet, so I didn´t sing that with you in person but I did sing it on Sunday “with” you. My district is Nefi and everyone in it is super close. We talk way way way too much though. My Spanish is muy mal still. Hopefully that will come. Our teachers are awesome! Hermana Garcia is so sweet. She is also my investigator, Lucia. Raised Catholic but not attending, she doesn´t really believe in God. She´s a tough shell to crack. Hermana Martinez is like a mom. She laughed when I was frustrated with Spanish and gave me a hug and kiss. She is Sara, an investigator who´s brother is a member and told her to meet with the missionaries but she is still actively a Catholic. Tougher shell to crack. Hermano Larrea is so stinking funny. He´s basically a new RM so he knows a lot about what we NEED right now. I like him quite a bit! It´s been hard though! I don´t know Spanish! Ahhhh! Oh well. The food is tasty tasty tasty! Some of it is really weird though. I think that´s basically my time… I´ll write out everything so that next week I can more effectively use my time. However I hardly have anytime to write! We are crammed from 6:30am until 10:30pm so I can´t promise a lot.

It would be super helpful if everyone who is writing me in the family (including Sadie and Annie) could send you the email and then you send it in yours. That would save me SOOO much time. I could just print out that email and then respond. It´s very difficult to sort through and respond to a million when you have a bunch of missionaries breathing down your back. Nice missionaries… but anxious missionaries.

I love you all so very much!

Hermana Durham

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