First E-mail (part one) – 8/1/13

Okay so I typed a whole MASSIVE email that has completely disappeared so I will hand write it for next week. I know. Super duper depressing. There are 96 missionaries here and only space for 77 so everything is very crunched. The food is very good! Fresh squeezed orange juice and croissants for breakfast? Love it. It´s a beautiful city. The park is amazing but it was terrifying to go contacting on only 3 days worth of Spanish. The temple is beautiful and we get to start each Thursday with a session. Our teachers are very nice and very helpful. I have two investigators, Sara and Lucia. Both are catholic and that has proven difficult…on top of not knowing Spanish. My district is really fantastic. My companion is named Hermana Thunborg and she´s super sweet and funny. I am loving it here, when I´m not home sick for you.

I realized the other day that I don´t want you sending me scriptures in English. I have no need for that! I need me some nice Spanish scriptures. Crazy… Also I think I do want my phone´s SD card so that I have more pictures of everyone I love because I can put it into my camera and look at it.

I will write more next week. I´m really sorry! It´s hectic here and no one knows how to handle so many missionaries.


I love love love you all!

Hermana Durham

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