First E-Mail from Spain 8/1/13 (originally thought lost, but found)


So here is my first email to everyone. My P-day is Thursday, we didn´t get to have a real P-day last week since it was our first full day at the CCM. The computers at the CCM don´t let us compose (no one knows why) so I´ll just have to trust you with forwarding it on to everyone who cares. After finding the huge group of Spain bound missionaries, which was pretty easy, we all introduced ourselves and talked about how weird it was to be going NOW. We boarded the plane and were off and ready. It was so weird to not be able to listen to music or anything. Guess who I sat by on the plane? That´s right! Marti Gillette, or Hermana Gillette! So I guess meeting her before really did come in handy. We landed in a few hours and had our last meal in America, Panda Express. I did take some pictures here and there but my camera is up in my room and since I only have a half hour to write I can´t spare a moment. You´ll see them next week. We asked a passerby, who was admiring the Elders in our group, if she would take our picture on her phone and send it to our families. She thought that was super cute and was very willing. I sent it to my dad, mom and Ethan so I hope it got to you three and then if others care, you can send it on. The flight to Spain was HORRIBLE!!!! It was soooo long and soooo boring and soooo uncomfortable. So I´m skipping that part. Viva España! We landed, grabbed our bags and got wrangled up onto buses.

The CCM is in a very beautiful place. It is everything you would expect it to be and more. Spain is beautiful. The buildings are pretty, the people are pretty. It´s lovely. Our whole group was very sleep deprived though so our first day was a blur. I am in Districto Nefi (Nephi) and Zona 1. Mi compañera es Hermana Thunborg. She is newly 21 and is very cool. When we first arrived there were 8 girls in our room and 6 beds. 95 missionaries don´t fit so easily in an MTC built for 70. I now have a real bed and a closet instead of the cot and living from my suitcase because they have moved Elders out to a hotel. ´The work is spreading everyone. We have missionaries headed to Russia, Portugal, France, Italy and Cape Verde. It´s bizzare to sit in Relief Society with people whispering translations in Russian, French, and Italian. The French sisters are in my room and they are HILARIOUS. Sister Ziane loves Brad Pitt and Lebron James. She knows lots of American pop culture. We also have Hermana Fuller and Hermana Dunn in our room. I can´t imagine life without them! We are a little group of awesome.

Our District gets nothing done. I don´t know Spanish much better than I know it now. Elder Dean is like a combination of Max and Jake. Elder Rasmussen is so funny I could just die. Elder Stevenson is probably the funniest kid I know. Elder Buttars knows Spanish already so it´s super unfair. We always ask “Como se dice…” and “Que significa…”. Elder Gentry and Elder Weeks are new, they came yesterday. They seem to be fitting in nicely.

Our teachers are hilarious.

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